Checklist for migration to new serverEdit

  1. DONE Kill/disable Apache on both servers
  2. DONE Shut down FUH by creating "stop_upload" in boinc/proj.
  3. DONE Turn off FUH on new server
  4. DONE Shut down BOINC on old server with bin/stop
  5. DONE Change DNS to point to new server and create a new DNS host name for the old server.  (Old boinc server can also be referenced as  Old DB/PRPNet server can be referenced as
  6. DONE ncrease server settings on new server to production levels,
  7. DONE Make sure Apache's config has been increased to production levels
  8. DONE On old server, create backups of: the following:
    1. DONE The BOINC database
    2. DONE /data/uploaded 4.2M
    3. DONE /data/log_www 13M (Not needed to go live)
    4. /home/boinc/proj/download 1.9 GB (caution: user sudo; there's some directories or files that have permission problems) (As per Rytis, this is not needed since LLR downloads are not done via the fiesystem.)
    5. DONE /home/boinc/proj/html/user_profile 43M
    6. DEFERRED Logs/output from DB server jobs that do XGFN testing and prime verification. (This can wait until after new server is running.)
  9. DONE Copy backups to new server and restore/expand on new server
    1. DONE Copy DB backup
    2. DONE Restore DB backup
    3. DONE Copy /data/uploaded backup
    4. DONE Restore /data/uploaded backup
    5. DEFERRED Copy /data/log_www backup (No need to unzip old logs on the new server)
    6. CANCELLED Restore /data/log_www backup
    7. DONE Copy /home/boinc/proj/html/user_profile backup
    8. DONE Restore /home/boinc/proj/html/user_profile backup
  10. DONE We no longer expect to copy all the code over again, and everything should already say www rather than iv, so the configuration changes shouldn't be necessary, but just in case, here's some of the more important changes that were made:.
    1. config.xml Change back to www where needed
    2. config.xml": change db server address to localhost
    3. apache vhost:  change back to www where needed
    4. project/  change memcached location to
    5. cron/stripchart:  change directories in stripchart and stripchart.cnf
    6. Tons of cron/*.pl files reference /home/www/boinc instead of /home/boinc/proj/.  If we overwrite the code again (looking less and less likely) these need to be changed.
  11. DONE Turn on FUH on new server
  12. DONE Enable apache on new server.
  13. DONE Start boinc and test