The PrimeGrid project provides credit for successfully completing work, and tracks credit by each subproject.  


PrimeGrid also provides badges and shields as evidence of work completed by participants.  The amount of PrimeGrid Credit for a specific project or subproject determines the appropriate badge or shield for that project.  All manual sieving and PRPNet Credit counts toward a PSA badge.  All PrimeGrid Credit for GFN projects counts toward a GFN badge.  All Proth LLR tasks (PPSE, PPS, and MEGA) count toward a PPS badge. All other applications have their own individual badges. 

Badges are ranked by color, and at 100 million credits, the badge color resets, but the shape changes to a shield (sometimes referred to as a "double" badge).  PrimeGrid Credit required for a particilar badge is as follows:

Color/Credit Needed Badge Shield
Bronze 10,000 100M
Silver 100,000 200M
Gold 500,000 500M
Amethyst 1M 1B
Ruby 2M 2B
Turquoise 5M 5B
Jade 10M 10B
Sapphire 20M 20B
Emerald 50M 50B

Some users have achieved a "Full Set" of all available subprojects. PrimeGrid users are encouraged to announce this achievement at:

Past projects for which some PrimeGrid users have badges are:

GCW Sieve
TRP Sieve
Twin Prime Search
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